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The Meadows IOP Difference

All treatment programs are not created equal. When you trust The Meadows with your care, you get our 45 years of clinical experience, our comprehensive eight-week curriculum, our unique trauma focus that addresses not just addictive behaviors but root causes, and our proven Meadows Model. We offer in-person outpatient programs in several cities across the country as well as a Virtual IOP option.

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What We Treat

From substance use disorders and mental health issues to traumatic past experiences, chronic stress, burnout, or pandemic-related anxiety, we can help unravel the emotions, behaviors, and causes to create a plan for lasting healing.


Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction
Men’s Issues
Eating Disorders
Women’s Intimacy Issues
Emotional Trauma
Mental Health

Alcoholism affects millions of people every year, and an average of six people die of alcohol-related deaths in the US every day, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Ongoing overuse comes with a risk of serious physical harm, including organ failure and even death.

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Drugs can provide pain relief, induce euphoria — and lead to physical dependence and eventually addiction. No one sets out to become addicted, but as drugs over-activate the “reward circuit” in the brain, more of a substance is needed to get the same high.

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Sexual addiction and related issues can cause tremendous amounts of guilt and shame due to out-of-control behavior and the constant fear of being discovered. These complex disorders require specially trained clinicians who understand the unique needs and challenges.

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In partnership with our residential treatment program for eating disorders at The Meadows Ranch, our expertise has been extended to Scottsdale IOP’s eating disorder PHP program.

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When women are struggling with intimacy disorders like sex addiction or love avoidance, it’s important for them to have a safe place where they are treated with respect and compassion, allowing them to address any emotional trauma alongside other co-occurring issues.

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Trauma can be a single event or a series of traumatic events repeated over time that cause an individual to become overwhelmed with painful, frightening, or loathing emotions. Whether from abuse, violent crime, natural disasters, or combat, the negative impact can be lasting.

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Prolonged depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, and other mental health disorders can be debilitating. If left untreated, they can seriously impact the quality of an individual’s life, affecting their ability to work, parent, socialize, and maintain relationships.

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Where You Can Find Us

We don’t just share the Meadows name, each Meadows Outpatient Center provides comprehensive outpatient care that is consistent with the high clinical standards and stellar reputation of our inpatient programs. We offer in-person outpatient programs in several cities across the country as well as a Virtual IOP option.


Virtual IOP

We now offer MBH Connect, our same comprehensive outpatient treatment program in a convenient virtual format that allows people to get the help they need without leaving home. MBH Connect is currently available in several states!

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What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

The Meadows Outpatient Center program is for those who require a lower level of care or are ready to step down from an inpatient or residential program. Our goal is to uncover and address the emotional and behavioral obstacles to long-term recovery as well as develop the life skills necessary to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. We offer a flexible schedule to help accommodate work, school, or family responsibilities, and each potential patient is screened to ensure they are clinically appropriate.


What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment? - The Meadows Outpatient Center

Paying for Treatment - The Meadows Outpatient Center

Paying for Treatment

Admitting you need help is hard enough without worrying about how you’re going to pay for it. Our trained admissions specialists will walk you through the process and go over your financial options, including private pay, in-network insurance, and out-of-network providers.

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