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Addressing addiction, emotional trauma, and mental health issues

What we treat

Drug or alcohol misuse is often a symptom of other underlying issues, with substances used to self-medicate physical or emotional pain. Unaddressed trauma and untreated mental health disorders are at the root of most addictions. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental health issues can lead to or exacerbate addiction. These issues then reverberate through our lives, impacting us negatively and inhibiting us from living fully. That’s why, at The Meadows Outpatient Center, we address not just substance use but the root causes, resulting in true healing and genuine, lasting recovery.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol misuse may begin innocently enough, but overindulging can quickly turn into dependence. Before you know it, your alcohol use is causing physical issues, relationships and work begin to suffer, and priorities shift. Alcohol still causes more deaths per year than any other drug, even opioids. Wondering if you or someone you love has a problem? If you continue drinking despite negative consequences it may be time to talk to someone.

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Drug Addiction

Whether it’s prescription drugs originally obtained for legitimate medical reasons or illegal substances used recreationally or to ease emotional pain, the misuse of mood-altering drugs takes a physical and psychological toll. The resulting shame, secrets, and hopelessness that come with addiction can then lead to further abuse, continuing the cycle. That’s why it’s important to get beyond the symptoms and develop healthy new coping mechanisms.

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Women’s intimacy issues

For most people, love is a wonderful emotion, and coupledom can be a healthy form of connection. But there’s nothing romantic about a condition that’s painful, compulsive, and often the result of past trauma, low self-worth, or childhood issues. Love addiction and love avoidance can both wreak havoc, and the inability to sustain healthy relationships is frustrating, especially in a culture where being part of a twosome is the  are the ideal.

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Men’s Issues

Sexual compulsivity, sexual addiction, sexual dependency, and porn addiction are compulsive behaviors that can dominate your life before you even recognize there’s a problem. Sufferers sacrifice other priorities and relationships in pursuit of unhealthy sexual behavior. But it’s not a moral failing or lack of willpower. These are recognized disorders that should be addressed with by experienced clinicians who can help you get to the root of the issue and find healing.

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Mental Health

Substance abuse is frequently connected to emotional trauma or mental health disorders. It makes sense that if you’re in emotional you might try to self-medicate in an attempt to alleviate your distress or behavioral health symptoms. By addressing co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar, and PTSD, you support long-term recovery and lessen the likelihood of relapse, leading to better physical and mental health.

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Emotional Trauma

Trauma can result from any event, series of events, or circumstances that are physically or emotionally harmful.  Physical or emotional abuse, loss of a loved one, neglect, divorce, abandonment, and a host of other issues that many of us have experienced can leave lasting scars. While you may not identify your pain as trauma initially, the adverse effects will continue to follow you until they are dealt with and you develop healthy coping mechanisms.

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Dual Diagnosis

Many people dealing with an addiction have at least one mental health disorder as well, whether it’s diagnosed or not. And those dealing with one addiction are more at risk of developing additional addictions. When alcohol and drug addiction occur alongside conditions like depression and anxiety, the result is what is known as a dual diagnosis. It’s important for these co-occurring issues to be treated together in order to achieve full healing.  

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