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  • Decriminalizing Fentanyl

    Decriminalizing Fentanyl

    You’re probably wondering, Why is fentanyl legal in some places? For starters, let’s talk about the difference between decriminalizing and legalizing.

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  • What Is Pornography Addiction?

    What Is Pornography Addiction?

    The viewing of pornography can absolutely be part of your healthy sexuality. It can exist comfortably within a relationship in which both partners have discussed usage openly and find a relationship with porn pleasing and gratifying. Of the large number of people who view pornography at some point in their lives, only a small percentage…

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  • How Much Is Too Much: Work?

    How Much Is Too Much: Work?

    You may be thinking, Am I a workaholic? How much work is too much? Work is a crucial part of our lives and necessary in order to live. But when work becomes your life and not just a means to an end, it may be cause for concern.

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  • Gaming Addiction: When Recreation Becomes Problematic

    Gaming Addiction: When Recreation Becomes Problematic

    As technology plays a bigger and bigger role in our lives, it also becomes a bigger and bigger problem for some of us. Gaming can escalate into much more than a hobby and begin to disrupt health and happiness.

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  • ADHD in Boys

    ADHD in Boys

    For boys, ADHD can be a critical factor in their propensity to use substances and engage in risk-taking behavior early in life. Understanding and treating ADHD is important for helping teens and young men develop healthy coping skills.

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  • The Importance of Tackling Trauma

    The Importance of Tackling Trauma

    Trauma. We all have an idea of what constitutes trauma — military front lines, a horrific accident, a near-death experience — but few of us recognize the multiplicity of ways beyond the extreme that we can be traumatized. Yes, it can be the big, single moments that are pivotal in our lives. But it can…

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