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  • ADHD in Boys

    ADHD in Boys

    For boys, ADHD can be a critical factor in their propensity to use substances and engage in risk-taking behavior early in life. Understanding and treating ADHD is important for helping teens and young men develop healthy coping skills.

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  • The Importance of Tackling Trauma

    The Importance of Tackling Trauma

    Trauma. We all have an idea of what constitutes trauma — military front lines, a horrific accident, a near-death experience — but few of us recognize the multiplicity of ways beyond the extreme that we can be traumatized. Yes, it can be the big, single moments that are pivotal in our lives. But it can…

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  • Creating Financial Intimacy in Relationship

    Creating Financial Intimacy in Relationship

    If a romantic relationship is one of the most important emotional decisions we make in our lifetime, then it is also one of the most important financial decisions of our lives. Yet, why do so many people avoid the issue?

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  • Senior Health Struggles Impact Adult Children

    Senior Health Struggles Impact Adult Children

    Taking care of senior parents isn’t something most adults think about until there is little choice but to think about it. A medical event happens, and suddenly, our once vibrant and independent parent requires daily assistance. Or there is a slow decline in physical or cognitive ability. Over time, you may recognize the day is…

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  • Adolescent IOP Treatment

    Adolescent IOP Treatment

    According to Mental Health America (MHA), 50% of those who will develop mental health conditions start showing symptoms by age 14. As mental health symptoms among teens rise, so does the opportunity to learn healthy coping mechanisms and communication skills early in life. Whether their symptoms dissipate or become more pronounced, adolescents can find support,…

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  • The Benefits of IOPs

    The Benefits of IOPs

    If you don’t need medically supervised detox services, an IOP may be able to offer all the support and resources you need for a successful recovery. An IOP can also act as a step up from regular therapy sessions if you need more resources and accountability than weekly meetings. Or an IOP is also the…

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