Men’s Issues

Men’s Issues

Sexually based disorders require specialized treatment

Ten percent of men and 7 percent of women reported significant levels of stress and dysfunction because of their sexual thoughts or behaviors, and more than 8 percent of American adults reported symptoms of compulsive sexual behavior disorder.

Journal of the American Medical Association


Sex is part of a normal, healthy life, but when sexual activities or thoughts become consuming or habit-forming, it crosses the line into addiction. Sex addicts will continue to engage in sexual behavior despite financial problems, potential arrest, health risks, or broken relationships. Sexual addicts experience tremendous amounts of guilt and shame over their behavior because they feel they are not in control and live in constant fear of being discovered. This complex disorder requires specially trained clinicians who understand the unique needs and challenges of these individuals.

How can someone know if their behavior has moved from a healthy enjoyment of sex to a disorder that needs professional assistance? Indications of problematic sexual behavior include:

  • Loss of control of behaviors
  • Preoccupation with sexual acting out
  • Significant adverse consequences
  • Continuation despite consequences

Our Men’s Issues Group

Our Men’s Issues Group (available only at our Dallas, TX outpatient center) was established specifically to help men dealing with these complex issues. Participants are allowed to be human, bringing struggles back to the group to be processed and shared with each other. Peer support is used to truly engage and teach men how to reach out to one another, especially in times of crisis. The focus of The Meadows IOP is to continue to develop skills around relapse prevention while building a safe environment for accountability.

Virtual Treatment Goes Mainstream - The Meadows Outpatient Center

For graduates of our sister program, Gentle Path at The Meadows, our outpatient treatment at The Meadows IOP is an extension of that inpatient program in a less structured setting. Since not everyone needs inpatient or residential treatment, we also offer a track designed for individuals new to sex addiction treatment. It is designed to help those who are just beginning their recovery and those for whom an inpatient or residential treatment program is not determined to be clinically necessary or appropriate.

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Our sex addiction outpatient program is available for both men and women suffering from sexual addiction. Facilitated by an experienced, CSAT-trained therapist who is proficient in using Dr. Patrick Carnes’ 30 Task Model, we have a proven track record of treating this disorder. If you or someone you love needs treatment in this area, we’re here to help.

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