Small Groups

Small Groups

Peer input and feedback play an important role

Why Small Groups?

Group sessions are an integral component of The Meadows’ intensive outpatient program. When one patient in a group shares his or her experiences, everyone in the group gains by realizing how topics and themes relate to their own lives. Feeling connected to a group of peers alleviates a lot of shame.

Gains Made Through Groups

Groups allow patients to identify with their peers and gain insight into their negative choices and behaviors from others who have been there. As patients form a community and learn from each other, they are better able to incorporate what they’re hearing from counselors and therapists.

Small group therapy

Group therapy encourages patients to establish relationships with other members, creating long-term friendships and improved self-awareness. This group of imperfect people can mimic the family of origin, allowing issues to surface and be dealt with. As they work together to find freedom from addiction, trauma, and other mental health issues, they are reminded that they are not alone.

A PErsonalized Treatment Experience

Among other benefits, small group sessions:

  • Foster learning
  • Create long-term friendships
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Promote a sense of community
  • Highlight the need for change

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