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About Us

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We understand what it’s like to be unhappy with the direction you’re heading and afraid you can’t turn things around. But change is possible. We’ve helped so many others become the person they were always meant to be. Maybe today it’s your turn.


Our Story

The Meadows Outpatient program is a proud member of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, the industry leader in evidence-based treatment for everything from emotional trauma and drug and alcohol addiction to sex addiction, intimacy issues, and eating disorders. MBH offers a full continuum of programs, personalized treatment plans, and services.

The Meadows Outpatient Centers provide the same level of clinical excellence and integrity found at Meadows inpatient programs, but with outpatient flexibility. All of our clinical staff are trained in the “Meadows Model” of trauma-informed care and ready to help you address a wide range of issues including addiction, trauma, and other co-occurring behavioral health conditions.

The Meadows Model

Group Therapy - The Meadows Outpatient Center

Our Outcomes

The Meadows offers intensive outpatient programs (IOP) in both in-person and virtual (VIOP) formats. This removes barriers to treatment while enabling individuals to access essential care without leaving home. The Meadows’ IOP and VIOP programs cater to those appropriate for a lower level of care or transitioning from an inpatient or residential program. See our latest report on our outpatient outcomes.

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Group therapy


Each of The Meadows Outpatient Centers offer an intensive eight-week program centered around group therapy, individual work with master’s-level licensed clinicians, and a combination of other evidence-based therapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)Somatic Experiencing (SE), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)Neurofeedback is provided in our on-site Brain Center, we incorporate 12-Step principles, and we round out our program with trauma-sensitive yoga, art therapy, tai chi, and other holistic offerings. We also have a psychiatrist available on-site for weekly medication management, psychiatric evaluations, and program oversight.


8-Week Curriculum

At The Meadows Outpatient Center, we follow a time-tested 8-week curriculum for both in-person and virtual treatment. Developed by our own Meadows Senior Fellows, this rotating approach allows newcomers to join at any point in the process and includes extension options for those who can benefit from more comprehensive trauma treatment.  

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Senior Fellows

Our handpicked team of Senior Fellows represents experience in a range of specialties. Each one is involved in worldwide practice and research in their area of expertise, and their oversight constantly challenges The Meadows to excel. Some of the nation’s top addiction and recovery experts, the Senior Fellows also provide ongoing direction, consultation, and training for our staff and work together to ensure that The Meadows Model is the most clinically comprehensive program available today and remains so tomorrow.

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Family Healing

Family participation is a valuable part of our treatment approach. The Meadows IOP family program encourages loved ones to become involved in the treatment process through educational sessions and support groups that reinforce healthy, non-enabling interaction. Through the process, they’ll gain knowledge to help them prioritize their own mental and emotional health and support their loved one’s recovery.

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Family Healing at The Meadows Outpatient Center


The Meadows Outpatient Center is a proud member of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, and all clinical staff is trained in the “Meadows Model” of trauma-informed care. The industry leader in providing evidence-based treatment for those with emotional trauma, drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction, eating disorders, psychiatric disorders, and co-occurring conditions, MBH offers a full continuum of programs and services. Our personalized treatment plans help people from all walks of life, meeting them at their point of need.

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We use innovative therapeutic techniques to identify and treat the underlying trauma of addictive and dysfunctional processes to help people find hope and healing. Convenient, comprehensive care is available.

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At The Meadows Outpatient Center, our treatment programs help adults address the core issues behind addictions and other conditions that can result in maladaptive behaviors. We provide positive tools to overcome addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and other behavioral issues. Are we the right fit for you or your loved one? Dive deeper and find out.