Young Adults Are More Likely to Develop Seasonal Affective Disorder

January. The excitement of the holidays is over. It’s time to return to your college classes after a nice, long break. For those in northern climates, there’s also less sunlight and painfully cold temperatures to contend with. It’s completely normal to feel a little bummed out about it all, right? In most cases, yes, it […]

Strengths and Weaknesses As A Spiritual Role In Recovery

By Nancy Greenlee, LPC, The Meadows Therapist Once a month, the Workshop team is treated to a consultation from Pia Mellody, the creator of the Survivors workshop treatment model. She makes herself available, both to consult on clinical cases, answer and process questions and to inspire us with her wise adages for the spirituality of […]

Holistic Healing: The Benefits of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, & Expressive Arts

By Clint Fletcher When most of us think of recovery, specific pictures fill our minds from movies and TV. Images of medical detox, therapy sessions, group work, and crowded AA meetings flash before us. While these may or may not be an accurate portrayal of a single person’s journey, there’s another side to recovery that […]

Don’t Neglect Ongoing Recovery

Recovery is so much more than the one-time act of escaping the clutches of substance abuse. It’s a way of life. It’s about learning to think and behave differently and adopting a lifestyle of emotional growth and healing. Sobriety is the beginning stage of something much bigger and more positive than you ever could’ve imagined. […]

Bad therapy

Therapy is helpful … except when it isn’t. While getting therapy can be a critical part of addressing mental health issues, behavioral health problems, and a variety of life challenges, bad experiences with therapists can turn many people away from what is normally a lifeline for healing. It adds insult to injury when you are already dealing with personal challenges, and you may not be willing to open up again or persist in finding a better option.

However, learning how to find a new therapist — a good therapist — is a worthwhile venture, and it can be important for your emotional health and personal growth.