The Murray Method, Trauma Eggs, and The 30 Task Model

“The Murray Method is unsurpassed in its rapid ability to reveal the past in the present. By accessing the right side of the brain, implicit memories sequestered long ago are revealed and regulated. This powerful process facilitates neural integration necessary for long-term change. Everyone should experience this modality!” – Alexandra KatehakisClinical Director, Center for Healthy […]

3 Myths About Sex Addiction Treatment

Alexandra Katehakis, Senior Fellow at The Meadows, is one of the lead authors of an article titled, “Sex Addiction is NOT a ‘MYTH’ when Neuroscience Keeps the Score” featured in the January/February 2017 issue of The Therapist. The article is endorsed by several experts in the fields of trauma, addiction, and mental health including Dr. […]

Better Treatment Options for Military Service Members and Veterans

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2015 showed that the most commonly used treatments for PTSD—cognitive processing therapy (CPT) and prolonged exposure therapy (PE) may not be as effective as those in the medical community had hoped. Meanwhile, the number of American military veterans who struggle with PTSD and related […]

Why The Meadows Outpatient Center is the Best Place for Addiction Treatment

No one plans to become addicted, but after that initial interaction with alcohol, drugs or dysfunctional behavior, they may like how it makes them feel and soon find themselves spiraling out of control. Individuals who engage in these types of escapism may have initially acted on it to feel good, but then find themselves having […]

Holistic Healing: The Benefits of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, & Expressive Arts

By Clint Fletcher When most of us think of recovery, specific pictures fill our minds from movies and TV. Images of medical detox, therapy sessions, group work, and crowded AA meetings flash before us. While these may or may not be an accurate portrayal of a single person’s journey, there’s another side to recovery that […]

Virtual Treatment Goes Mainstream

We’re doing more online than ever before. We use the internet to shop, connect with friends, search for romantic partners, and work. Even before COVID-19 kept us quarantined at home, the trend toward video conferencing was on the rise with apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams adding a visual element to meetings without the need […]